Mission And Vision

TGY Sàrl is a Luxembourgish company founded in 2014 to develop and launch a product answering to the needs of the Chinese tourists in Europe. Since its foundation, and with the right strategic partners, TGY has invested its energy and resources in this product and its launch. Through this process, TGY has acquired business connections and collaborations with European and Chinese companies, and has accumulated know-how in developing and launching products and services in these markets. 

The company is managed by Tobias A. Fischer, Zhipeng Chen, and Xinhua Zhu.

The company is supported by its Advisory Board Members, senior advisor Micael Gustafsson, Mikkel Stroerup, and Laurent Muller.

In addition, TGY Sàrl has know-how in listing and taking the first steps necessary in introducing a company in China and in Europe through Luxembourg, with the aim of developing businesses and distributing products and services. It researches specific market needs, lines up marketing strategies built on Chinese know-how and marketing collaborations, assists in creating the best image for entering the market, and proposes product launching strategies. In addition, TGY has experience in identifying and establishing distribution networks in China and Europe for the various products and services, facilitating the know-how on the legal framework in China and in Luxembourg, setting up support services, and continuously supplying market research and strategy development.